The company MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN welcomes you to its website The website is an online store selling products and services via the internet created by the company under the name "MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN", which is based in the center of Athens (32 Athinas) and is legally represented with no. GEMI 131951603000 (Athens Chamber), with VAT number 133607980 (Tax Office of Athens), email address and telephone service line of the online store 2103235356. Any access of the visitor and any use of the material will be found on our company website subject to the following terms and conditions of use. Therefore, please carefully read the following terms and conditions of use, in order to visit and use our company website. Once the visit is made, the use of the website implies that you have read carefully, that you have understood and that you are completely in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of the website Specifically, the visitors of the website agree that:

will use their real details (surname, first name, address, e-mail) in the contact forms. will use the site in accordance with the law and good manners and will not take any actions or omissions that may cause damage to it and any other user or networks connected to it. MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN. reserves the right to freely modify or revise the terms and conditions of transactions from the online store, whenever it deems necessary, and undertakes to inform consumers of any change, through the pages of this online store.


According to Law 2121/1993 (and the Berne International Convention, which has been ratified by Law 100/1975) as it is valid after its amendment by Law 4212/2013, reproduction (full, partial or summary) or paraphrase or adaptation, rendering of the content of the website in any way and means, mechanical, electronic, photocopying or other without the prior written permission of MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN.

Use of the website

We made sure that the website of MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN, ie the website, as well as its contents are in accordance with the Greek law and the Greek legislation. This means that there may be a difference with the legislation of other countries, so what concerns a service or product offer through this website in countries where it may be banned is considered non-product. MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN reserves the right, whenever it deems it necessary, to freely review and modify the terms and conditions of transactions from the online store. For any change it has the obligation to inform consumers through its website

Links to other websites

The website of MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN may have links that will leave you from its website. The related websites are not under the control of our company and consequently MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN is not responsible for the content of the related websites and any link contained in an affiliated website. Consequently, MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN bears absolutely no responsibility for any damage resulting from the content or information contained in the related websites. Any reference from the website through a link on its website is the sole responsibility of the user, without implying that MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN recommends or approves the content or related websites.


MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN has as a basic principle the respect and protection of the personal data of all users of its website. For further information regarding the protection of personal data and the Privacy and Privacy Policy, consult the relevant section on the website. Compensation Any violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website by the user automatically means the agreement of the user for the liability of both MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN, as well as those directly collaborating with it (suppliers, partners) for any loss, damage or expense arising from this breach. Also the compensation for all the legal costs that will arise from the violation of the Terms and Conditions is solely the responsibility of the user and will be borne by him.

Exclusion of Liability

The user's visit to the website automatically means the assumption by him of any possible risk that will arise from this visit and use of the website. MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN will of course be in constant effort, as much as possible, so that the content of the website is as accurate as possible and the information is reliable. However, it does not guarantee or promise that it will be able to achieve continuous updating, accuracy and completeness of the website. The guarantee of the products is borne by the companies themselves and not by MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN, consequently our company does not give any guarantee for the items it trades. Also, the lack of availability of the products that appear on the website does not burden MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN with any responsibility. None of MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN, but also those who participated in the completion of the website both in terms of design, creation and distribution of the website is not responsible for any damage to the user from any use or inability to use this website, or for damage which may be due to any even the slightest negligence of any of its employees or participant in MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN unless it is proved that the damage or omission is due to deceit of the company itself which aims to cause harm to the specific user.


Everything that exists and appears on the website of MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN, ie the website such as trademarks, product names, etc. regardless of the form in which they appear are the property of MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN or third parties unless otherwise specified different. Intellectual and Industrial Property, Trademark, and Unfair Competition laws expressly prohibit the use or falsification of such trademarks. Products and Warranties MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN distributes and accompanies the products it provides through its website with the respective warranties of the manufacturers, where such warranties exist. Our company does not offer any additional guarantee (of any kind), unless such a thing is provided and stated categorically. In the event that a problem occurs in a product and the user-consumer uses the warranty, the product will be sent for repair either to MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN or to the corresponding Representation for the product as well as then the receipt of the product, will be done at the exclusive expense of the user-consumer-customer. In order to accept any return, it is mandatory for the user to contact a representative of our company by phone or e-mail and at the address on the website.

About Personnel Privacy

MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN respects the personal privacy of the users of its website. So any information that has to do with personal data and has been given to our company is used only by it and is not given for any reason to another person unless given official permission by the user to declare that he agrees with such a thing. Any material sent to MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN via the internet either by e-mail or otherwise our company assumes the responsibility to take them into account and treat them as non-confidential, while at the same time making no commitment regarding this material. All of the above exclude those terms and conditions mentioned in the Privacy Policy.


MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN makes every effort to ensure that the products available through the website of have the best possible description, with as much detail as possible always based on the descriptions given by the importer-manufacturer. However, if for a product the user is not covered by the product description, as presented on the website, he can contact MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN, so that any question can be answered. MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN reserves the right to modify the description of the products at any time, without first making any information and the new information regarding the products is valid from the moment they are presented on the website of MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN.

Purchase process

Our goal is to serve you through a simple, fast, secure and enjoyable transaction process. Click on the relevant icon - button, in order to buy the item you are interested in and add it to your cart, which is unique for any purchase you make during a visit. Confirmation of the order After your order we will contact you via e-mail (in the email you have indicated to us) and / or by phone to confirm your order. If it is not possible to contact you, the order remains pending for a week, after which time if it remains idle it will be automatically canceled. Order processing Accepted are the orders which are made from Greece and consequently shipments of goods are made only in Greece. Orders are processed during the day between 09:00 and 15:00 except Saturday and Sunday. The order is sent to the address indicated by the customer by means of MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN. The order is sent within 10 (Ten) working days at a cost which is mentioned in the respective customer information table.

Force majeure

If for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather, strikes) we are unable to deliver the goods within the predetermined time of 10 days from the receipt of your order, (except in cases of unavailability of products), we will contact you as soon as possible possible with you, in order to tell us if you wish, under these circumstances, the completion of your order.

Product availability

In case of non-availability of ordered item, resulting in increased delivery time, MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN will notify the customer of the delay of delivery of the item. If the customer deems that the delay in delivery makes the transaction unprofitable, then the customer can request the cancellation of the order for the specific item. Probably other items in the order are delivered normally. Cancellation of the order The option to cancel the entire order or part of it is provided, as long as it has not yet been executed (a similar shipping document has not been issued by MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN). In case the customer wishes to cancel the order, during the above mentioned period, he must contact by phone or email at the email address

Pricing Policy

The listed prices of the products are the final ones (ie VAT is included). MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN reserves the right to change prices without prior notice to the customer. It is understood that the customer always pays at the time of receipt, the price indicated for this product at the time of placing the order, as detailed in below.

Products and Pricing

All products that appear on the website of MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN are presented with their retail prices which include VAT, unless otherwise specified in a product. In order to complete the order, in terms of its cost, the shipping and / or packaging costs will be added to the retail price of the product / products, the size of which will be informed to the customer before the final submission of the order. of. The costs and expenses charged to the customer are those that apply at the time of completion of the order if he wishes. MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN reserves the right to modify the prices of its products at any time, however this modification will apply to new orders and not those that have been accepted (ie pending) already by MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN or have is sent. Before completing the order, MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN provides the customer with the opportunity to choose the type of document he wishes to issue, ie a retail receipt or invoice. In order for an order to be considered completed, the customer must receive a written confirmation email from MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN and be paid. If for any reason MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN withdraws and does not fulfill an order, the only obligation it has towards the customer is the return of the price that has already been collected and no other obligation.

Product Receipt - Returns

Upon receipt of the product, the customer is responsible for checking the integrity of the packaging and the condition of the products received to identify any obvious problems or defects of the product. MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN follows a policy regarding the returns of products sold through its website which is described below. In case the customer wants to return a product which he received from a wrong shipment, due either to MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN or to its partners, he will be able to return it only within (14) fourteen days from its receipt as shown by the statements of the transport company from which it received it. The product to be returned should be in excellent condition and in intact packaging. In this case, MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN will bear the shipping costs. In case the customer wants to return the product without any special reason, as defined by the Law on Consumer Protection then he must return it within (14) fourteen days of receipt. The product to be returned in this case must be in intact packaging, unused and in excellent condition. In this case, however, the return costs will be borne exclusively by the customer. No refunds are given for any product if it has been used or its packaging damaged. In case of damage is subject to any warranty of the manufacturer and the responsibility for repair belongs to the manufacturer. In the above situation for anything that happens to the product until its return to MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN, such as loss or destruction of part or all of the product, the customer will be solely responsible and will be responsible for compensation. Before making any return, the customer must first contact MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN in order to announce his intention.


MARALBASHI ZAMINI HOSSEIN reserves the right at any time it deems it necessary to modify or change part or all of the Terms and Conditions of Use of its website and any of the changes are considered binding on users from the moment they appear on the website, which is also a notification to users of changes. Also, if any of the listed Terms and Conditions of Use do not apply (deemed invalid or illegal) this does not affect the other terms at all except the specific one, which will be considered as if it had not been set.